Stories Without Words

Word are Optional when Story Telling

Beginning, middle, end. Pretty simple. There’s excitement and calm as a bride puts on her wedding dress. The exhilaration after “you may now kiss the bride” and the satisfying celebration after. Or the preparation before a match of takraw on the streets of Bangkok. A sport I can only describe as a mix of soccer and volley ball. Another adventure ends in a weekend music festival on a Boeing 727, which is a man’s home… which is a plane in the forest of Oregon.

These stories tell themselves without saying one word. Revealing the gems mined from the variety of journeys broadcast in 4K motion pictures to millions at the modern day camp fire now known as the internet. We used to actually have to sit around an actual campfire and use our words to share our stories. Now we can just show them all whenever however permanently placed to be accessed on demand from anywhere with a few clicks for the rest of time. It’s an amazing time.

So, yeah it’s cliche, but… what’s your story?

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