The Right Angle

What are you saying?

Is the camera looking-up and rotating-around the subject like a Hero Shot of “The Rock” to say he’s a bad-ass?

Or looking-down at a little kitten meowing for food to say that the kitty is cute?

Before you start recording your video, what would you like to say or express? You can add additional layers of personality depth and mood to the moment by deliberately positioning the angle and motion of your camera on the subject.

Dominance can be highlighted by casting the subject towering above the camera. Docile moods can be created from the subject looking up at a camera that is angled down from towering above the subject.

As I continually improve I remind myself how years ago I would take dozens and dozens of horrible shots. But I knew if I took enough I might get lucky and capture something worth sharing. Now I don’t take nearly as many and am able to find the right angle in much less time which I am very thankful for as this significantly increases my productivity and freedom.


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