Eyeballs Are Far Superior to Cameras

When capturing a moment on video, using a reasonably priced professional camera, you have to adjust the exposure. This usually involves adjusting a few different calibration to tune the image in the best possible light. 3 years ago I was OK at exposure, and it took me a while to find where in my camera settings to make these adjustments. Now I’m much more efficient and feel more confident in my quality.

I think about how amazing it is to be in a time where we are able to capture pretty close to what our eyes see. The key phrase there was “pretty close”. The technology is still just “pretty close” to the real thing. My eyes are freaking amazing. I don’t have to fumble with settings, it automatically exposes perfectly and I can still see very clearly in the shadows compared to my camera.

Any camera operator who’s had to capture a scene inside a naturally lit room knows they’re pretty much limited to exposing for a subject inside a house with the windows overexposed and blown-out, or you expose for the mountains and trees outside and the subject inside is completely dark or not visible. However, our eyes can see both the mountains, trees, ducks and the subject inside. In this particular situation the technology isn’t “pretty close” to the real thing, it’s not even close at all to the insanely advance technology in our eyeballs.

The camera’s ability to expose for both inside and out the window is typically identified by the technical term “Dynamic Range”. I haven’t really done deep research but I’m not sure if there’s some super expensive camera that can match the dynamic range in my vegetably nutured eyes. If you’re reading this and know of any such tool please feel free to forward me your findings.

I love capturing the sunrises, sunsets, clouds and weather stuff out my bedroom window. I love seeing it with my own eyes and adjusting my camera to bring out the best version possible of each sunset. Learning my settings, log profiles, white balance, etc. #hardlyworking

The attached sunrise is probably one of my least favorites. At this point I’m pretty intent on slowly posting all of my weather captures to see if there’s a favorite format between full real-time capture which can be found on my YouTube page called Window Sunrises which can be found at this link


I also intend to post much faster 15 second and 30 second time lapses to my other instagram pages here:

  • Instagram @pnw.sunrise
  • Instagram @pdx.loved
  • Instagram @nairb.revilo

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