Drone Sunrise Time Lapse 2019

OK I know I said last one was one of my favorites and I’m gonna say it with this one too lol

This is not as long as the other ones because it’s a drone shot and I had to change the battery twice during this, see if you can spot when. I learned so much from this one, that you don’t need a plane to fly over “clouds”… you can do the same with low fog and a drone. Super duper.

This sunrise is pretty much 90% gold color with slight reds and blues on the outskirts. If you watch til the end you can the gentle drift back through the low fog to the surface which dramatically changes the lighting.

You can also check out the full (well aside from 2 battery changes I edited out) real time all the way down to the amazing landing on my Sky Show YouTube channel after Sunday 9/26/21. There’s 4 versions, 2 wide and 2 tall formats, one with sound and music and one with sound and no music.

I took this in 2019 before geofencing in DJI drones disabled my drones flight near airports. It’s a good thing, this was 2 miles from an airport and I could have accidentally got sucked in to an engine and people could have died.

Yes I’m lucky I was able to get this shot, but I wasn’t aware that it was really dangerous at the time and I’m actually happy about the restrictions because droning is addicting and that’s not good for airports.

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