Daycation Ideas | Outside Porland – 3-Lighthouse Tour

3-Lighthouse Daycation Tour

Bored in Portland? Try this 3-Lighthouse Tour on the Oregon Coast.  If you have kids this will have them asleep most the time allowing those precious grown-up, things-that-make-ME-happy thoughts to thrive for most the day.  

Also, this is a great trip for drones.  Drones are not allowed in some lighthouse areas and rangers will  ask you to stop.  However, the same ranger told me if you’re really good at using your drone there’s no problem with parking outside the light house area and flying your drone into the area.

Total round trip driving-time is about 10 hours, not including all the little and big stops along the way.  I recommend starting off early in the morning driving South toward Coquille Oregon and, if budget permits, grab some breakfast along the way in Eugene.  

There’s this really good breakfast waffle spot called “Off The Waffle” I recommend. Also it’s a great break from the longest (4.5 hrs) leg of the trip.

You can also really extend your trip to a weekend trip by adding the iconic Crater Lake to your trip, just 3 hours from the first stop on this 3 Lighthouse Tour, Coquille Lighthouse.

From Coquille drive north up the coast, Highway 101, about 2 hours to Heceta Head Lighthouse, and from Heceta the last big one is Yaquina Head Lighthouse about an hour north from Heceta Head.  

There are other lighthouses you can check out along the way, but these 3 are particularly outstanding.  

Also Yaquina Head Lighthouse is near the beautiful Coast city Newport where you can find a lot of good food, The Oregon Coast Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, etc. 

If you do wish to stay overnight, or have a full weekend away, then I recommend starting with touring  Crater Lake which is 3 hours South of Portland.  Stay over night near Crater Lake and then begin this 3 Lighthouse Tour the next day.  You can also extend further another overnight in Newport and explore that fun place the next day before returning home to Portland.

If you’ve never explored this corner of the Pacific Northwest and you end up trying this trip out please let me know your experience.

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