3 Great Waterfalls

My 3 favorite waterfalls just outside Portland

  1. Abiqua Falls – 1 hour south of Portland – 30 min round-trip hike

*ATTENTION: There’s a very steep embankment with thick ropes tied to trees to help you down. Once you get past that then take a left up the creek a little ways and you’ll be greeted with an amazing area surrounding a powerful majestic waterfall.

  1. Ramona Falls – 1.5 hours southeast of Portland – 2-3 hours round-trip hike

*ATTENTION: You have to cross a sometimes-raging Sandy River with a large and very secure log. Once you get past that the rest is pretty easy. It’s not too steep, but it’s a little longer than most hikes. But once you arrive at Ramona Falls there’s a wide area to relax, take pics and take it all in.

  1. White River Falls – 2 hrs – 30 m to an hour
    *ATTENTION: J/K this one is super duper easy and the pay-off is literally the best looking falls in Oregon in my opinion. There’s also this cool rusty, graffitied up old mechanical house of some sort, maybe a pump or something… anyways you can take fun pix here.

This is really one of my favorite spots simply for being so easy for something so beautiful. Usually you gotta work hard for something this awesome.

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