Video production is my passion. All angles, lighting, motions and emotions. From close up eye catching product videos to destination wedding videos, I love it all.

Big Puffy Cumulus Cloud Time-Lapse

I took this time-lapse of a large puffy Cumulus Cloud 10/10/21 outside my bedroom window – Reminds me of a NASA or SpaceX space shuttle launch – Or popcorn too lol

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Beautiful Sunrise Between Fog Layers | Drone Time Lapse

I took this sunrise with my drone 9/20/21 just outside Portland – Woke up, looked out the window and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect! Had no clue the sun would be sandwiched between the fog layers 😲 soooo cool

Outdoor Portland | Rowena Crest

Rowena Crest – From Portland follow the Columbia River East about an hour and half. Just park and enjoy the scenery. This is a popular photo site for the iconic hairpin curves along the road on the way up. For a better view you can take the optional hike which is about one to two hours round trip.

3 Great Waterfalls

3 Best Waterfalls just outside Portland

3 Easy Views

No hike needed – Just park your car and enjoy

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Moza Air Gimbal Motion Timelapse

This specific shot is facing West away from the sunrise. This is a time-lapse taken with a Moza Air gimbal programmed to move tiny little increments every few seconds to make this pan left to right. I used my dad’s old Canon 60D from 2006 for this. Love when low fog behaves like water in time-lapse.

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Sun Rays

This specific shot is facing East toward the sunrise. If you look carefully you can see the massive sun rays gliding along the surface as the clouds move. Also I love how the low fog near the lower central at the end of the video looks kinda like waterfall mist in between the folds of the rolling hills – so sick!

Outdoor Portland | Peter Courtney Bridge

This relaxing park connects over 20 miles of nature trails

With tons of great hiking nearby this is also a convenient pit stop for a picnic or just to chill with friends

This sunrise drone shot was taken 9/30/2018

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Drone Up

This specific shot is facing West away from the sunrise. It was a foggy morning and got lucky with these low cloud shots. Awesome =’)