Big Puffy Cumulus Cloud Time-Lapse

I took this time-lapse of a large puffy Cumulus Cloud 10/10/21 outside my bedroom window – Reminds me of a NASA or SpaceX space shuttle launch – Or popcorn too lol

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Beautiful Sunrise Between Fog Layers | Drone Time Lapse

I took this sunrise with my drone 9/20/21 just outside Portland – Woke up, looked out the window and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect! Had no clue the sun would be sandwiched between the fog layers 😲 soooo cool

Outdoor Portland | Rowena Crest

Rowena Crest – From Portland follow the Columbia River East about an hour and half. Just park and enjoy the scenery. This is a popular photo site for the iconic hairpin curves along the road on the way up. For a better view you can take the optional hike which is about one to two hours round trip.

3 Great Waterfalls

3 Best Waterfalls just outside Portland

3 Easy Views

No hike needed – Just park your car and enjoy

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Moza Air Gimbal Motion Timelapse

This specific shot is facing West away from the sunrise. This is a time-lapse taken with a Moza Air gimbal programmed to move tiny little increments every few seconds to make this pan left to right. I used my dad’s old Canon 60D from 2006 for this. Love when low fog behaves like water in time-lapse.

Outdoor Portland | Peter Courtney Bridge

This relaxing park connects over 20 miles of nature trails

With tons of great hiking nearby this is also a convenient pit stop for a picnic or just to chill with friends

This sunrise drone shot was taken 9/30/2018

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Drone Up

This specific shot is facing West away from the sunrise. It was a foggy morning and got lucky with these low cloud shots. Awesome =’)