Beautiful Sunrise Between Fog Layers | Drone Time Lapse

I took this sunrise with my drone 9/20/21 just outside Portland – Woke up, looked out the window and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect! Had no clue the sun would be sandwiched between the fog layers 😲 soooo cool

Fog Sunrise Bald Peak – Moza Air Gimbal Motion Timelapse

This specific shot is facing West away from the sunrise. This is a time-lapse taken with a Moza Air gimbal programmed to move tiny little increments every few seconds to make this pan left to right. I used my dad’s old Canon 60D from 2006 for this. Love when low fog behaves like water in time-lapse.

Good Morning PNW

I was late to work taking this sunrise back in 2018 with my #dji #drone. Back when I had to drive 30 minutes to sit in front of a different internet terminal in order to receive a steady predictable and reliable pay check. Then drive 30 minutes again back home. And again… for years

Drone Sunrise Time Lapse 2019

I took this in 2019 before geofencing in DJI drones disabled my drones flight near airports. It’s a good thing, this was 2 miles from an airport and I could have accidentally got sucked in to an engine and people could have died.

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